Newsletter October-November 2022

The Council of Muslim Elders chaired by Imam Ahmad al-Tayyeb met once again, in Bahrain, in the presence of different religious denominations to discuss the issue of coexistence and East-West dialogue. The director of the IDEO was present, invited by the Delegation of al-Azhar. There he met Fr. Fadi Daou, member of our Institute. Once more, the need for dialogue was affirmed. It is a sign of civilization, “the testimony of what is the most noble in man”, al-Sayyid ʿAlī al-Amīn, a Shiite member of the Council, declared during the Thursday session, November 3ʳᵈ. From these exchanges, we will remember the emphasis placed on the need for intra-religious dialogue, particularly among Islam. This is a relatively new position, especially at this level of commitment. We will also remember that beyond texts and declarations, the culture of dialogue is built over time and is embodied by these meetings where bonds of friendship between Christians and Muslims are nurtured. In these days when the COP 27 is being held in Sharm el-Sheikh, it is also appropriate to note the link between religious freedom and ecology. Each religion in its identity and its specificities is a well of resources to contribute to the protection of the environment. It is in this perspective that three researchers of the IDEO will speak during the anniversary of our library, this Thursday November 10ᵗʰ, by discussing and questioning the Islamic heritage on ecological issues.

Talks and lectures

From September 29ᵗʰ to October 1ˢᵗ, Michel Cuypers, PFJ participated via Zoom in the 8ᵗʰ conference of Biblical and Semitic Rhetoric (RBS) at the Gregorian University, in Rome, during this conference he gave a talk on the analysis rhetoric of the first sequence of Sūra 19, Maryam.

On October 7ᵗʰ, Michel Cuypers, PFJ participated via Zoom in the launch of a new international Qurʾānic Linguistic Research Group, which will have its headquarters at the University of Swansea, Wales.

On October 14, Emmanuel Pisani, OP gave a lecture entitled “Forms of expression of being together before God. The example of Christian de Chergé”, as part of the CIBEDO days at the Sankt Georgen University in Frankfurt.

On October 14, Emmanuel Pisani, OP gave a lecture entitled “Al-Fātia. Muslim cross-readings of the historical approach”. This conference took place at the IDEO in partnership with the French-speaking association Caire Accueil.

On October 27ᵗʰ, Guillaume de Vaulx gave a talk entitled “Animals as Worshipers of God First and Foremost. On Animal Piety in Islam”, as part of the study day entitled “New researches in Arabic studies” and organized by the Department of Arabic Studies of the Faculty of Languages at the University of Strasbourg.

Islamic studies session

From October 10ᵗʰ to 12ᵗʰ, Emmanuel Pisani, OP led a session of Islamic studies entitled “Approaches to the doxa and praxis of Muslims in the light of Sūrat al-Fātia”, for the Clares sisters of Cormontreuil, France.

IDEO seminar

On October 28ᵗʰ, the fourth part of the Egyptian Muslim thinker Yassin Abd el-Gawad’s seminar on religious violence was held at the IDEO.

Summer course for learning Arabic and introduction to Islamic studies

The IDEO offers 10 scholarships for Dominican brothers in formation to learn Arabic and Islamic studies for a “Culture of encounter”, from July 17ᵗʰ to August 12ᵗʰ, 2023. For more information please check our website…

You can also watch the testimony of the brothers who came to Cairo this summer 2022…


On October 27ᵗʰ, Mateus Domingues da Silva, OP and Emmanuel Pisani, OP were interviewed by the Emirati channel al-Ghad as part of a reportage on the IDEO and its library.


On October 19ᵗʰ, we have welcomed Mr. Wagih Mikhail, director of ScholarLeaders and InSights Journal.

Scholars’ House

During the month of October, we had the pleasure to receive Ms. Juliette Honvault, researcher at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS); Ms. Vanessa Guéno, research engineer at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS); Mr. Romain Otal, diplomat at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs in Paris; Mr. Olivier Rampnoux, assistant professor at the Research Center in Management Sciences at the University of Poitiers; Ms. Charlotte Courreye, lecturer at the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3; Mr. Nicolas Michel, professor of contemporary history at Aix-Marseille University; Mrs. Catherine Mayeur-Jaouen, IDEO’s member and professor of modern and contemporary history of the Arab and Islamic world at the Sorbonne University.


  • Étienne Fouilloux, Claude Langlois, André Encrevé et Jacques Prévotat (dir.), Catherine Mayeur-Jaouen (coll.), Jean-Marie Mayeur. Historien du catholicisme et de la laïcité, Rennes, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2022, 336 pages.
  • Dominique Avon, « Naître et mourir selon un mode d’humanité. Une histoire de religion et de liberté », dans Jean Birnbaum (dir.), Être humain ?, Paris, Gallimard, Folio Essais, 2022, p. 77-97.

Upcoming activities

On November 16ᵗʰ and 17ᵗʰ, the Orient and Mediterranean laboratory in Paris (Campus CNRS of Villejuif) will organize the international conference “Animals as Worshipers of God First and Foremost. On Animal Piety in Islam”. The conference is under the scientific direction of Guillaume de Vaulx and Nicolas Payen, in partnership with the French Ministry of the Interior, section of religious affairs and the National Center for Scientific Research. Click here to download the program…